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U8 Clinic Instructions / Rule Clarifications

Seeking to be at County level by end of the season (not the beginning)

20 minute halves first 2 weeks – then 25 minute halves

Goal: Enable the players to learn the game and be near or at county level at the END of the season

First two weeks: first ball in – no matter how the ball gets tossed in - we play.
Second two weeks: if first throw-in is mostly incorrect,ref blows whistle, quick demonstration of proper technique and then playing – no matter how ball gets in play - we play.
Third two weeks: if first throw-in is mostly incorrect,ref blows whistle, asks for a redo, turnover if mostly incorrect.
Corner Kicks
Refs identify player to take kick and instruct players.
Goalie kicks - taken from the top of the penalty box
Refs identify player to take kick and instruct players.
Note to coaches, don’t coach Corner and Goalie kick strategy at practice till later in season, will have a much more productive training after kids see what is happening on field.
As season progresses, coaches/teams become more familiar and refs have to step in less (but still often).
Refs are to be very lenient in calls. Coaches are to ask parents to refrain from yelling “HANDS”.
Refs will call cherry-picking.
Otherwise, will not call if players are “running with the ball”. Refs will tighten up calls from 5 yards or so to even as season moves along.

Substitution windows are every 5 minutes (20 min halves) or every 7-8 minutes (25 minute halves).
Have all subs enter the game. For example, if you have 14 players, sub all 7 players together. Refrain from subbing at other times or only 1-2 players at a time, as this will slow the game down. An injured player can be subbed at any time.
If a goalie is using gloves, they must have them fully on prior to entering the game. Switching gloves should not occur on the field, thereby delaying the game.

Coaches/Team Benches
Coaches should remain on the sidelines at all times and not be coaching on the field. There is no coaching from behind the endline/next to the goal, by either a coach or a parent.
Team benches should be on opposite sides of the field. All parents should be on the same side as their child's team bench.

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