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ASC Futsal Program Rules

Program Rules:

  • 5-10 players per team,

  • 1 coach per team

  • Teams will be given matching (same color) jerseys.  Teams must wear same color uniform.  In case of conflict away team changes (2nd team listed on schedule).  Numbers are not required on uniforms. Training jerseys will be given to players by the 2nd week. 

  • Players can be younger than the age group but not older unless it is to complete a team that is short and the opposing team agrees.

Game Format:  

  • Two 20 minute halves with a 2-minute half-time.

  • Teams do not switch directions at halftime when playing indoors. If any games are held outdoors teams will switch directions at halftime for those games.

  • The field is the basketball court in the Salvation Army gym. If any games are held outdoors the field size will be 60'x120'.  The games will be played with futsal goals (6.5' x 10') at the Salvation and 6.5' x 12' goals outdoors.

  • There is no offsides in Futsal.

  • Kick offs can go backwards or forwards

  • Substitutions can be made anytime on the fly from the side where the teams are.

  • No slide tackles (keepers are only players allowed to go to ground and only in the box)

  • When the ball is out of play over a sideline it will be a kick in from the line. The kicking player's feet must be outside the sideline.  Players have 4 seconds to kick once ball is able to be kicked.

  • Kick ins are indirect except corners and opponent must give 3yd radius of space to restart play.

  • If the ball is not kicked in 4 seconds it switches possession (corners become goal kicks and goal kicks become corners).

  • 4 second rule applies to corners and goal kicks as well but not to penalties and kickoffs.

  • There are no goal kicks.  The keeper starts with the ball in their hands and it’s a goal throw. 

  • Keepers cannot punt the ball nor do drop kicks. (throw, roll, or set down and play with feet is acceptable) 4 second rule applies.

  • Fouls are the same as outdoor soccer

  • Any foul in the field of play will result in a direct kick.  Opponents may defend but 5yd radius.

  • Any foul in the attacking penalty area is taken from the penalty spot

  • Referees will keep a count of the fouls and after 5 fouls total in the scrimmage every foul after that is taken from the second penalty spot and there can be no wall.  Players must stand 5 yds behind kick taker. No one but the goalie can be in front.

  • Keepers can not use hands if ball is passed back to them from their own team

  • Keepers also can not dribble the ball back into their box to pick it up

  • The ball can only be passed back to the keeper’s feet once and must cross midfield line or touch the other team before it can be played back to the gk again.  This is to encourage players to go forward and attack.



  • Straight red cards carry a one event suspension

  • Two yellows mean a player has to sit out the rest of that day not the next

  • Any severe misconduct will be reviewed by head referee and league director to decide if player can continue in the program.

Weather / Reschedules:  If one half of an event takes place, it will not be made up. All cancellations are posted to Facebook

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